Friday, July 23, 2010

my serious nail addiction

Ever since I had a manicure and realized my nails actually can grow long if I take care of them, I have become a polish addict. Thankfully, it’s a relatively cheap addiction though I might grow an extra eyeball from all of the chemicals I am surely absorbing into my system.

For my fellow polish lovers, here is a list of my favorite blogs to that feed my newest obsession:

  • Polish Mayhem: This nail diva has tried (and photographed) more polish than I could have ever imagined was possible. She gives great reviews, takes amazing photos, and gives good advice. She also posts about sales and specials. She goes by the user name MollyHell on Flickr and you can browse her extensive gallery of nail polish swatches. or you can view her Flickr gallery here
  • The Nailphile: Again, lots of swatches and great information on new polish releases before they are released to stores.
  • Short and Sweet Nails: If you have shorter fingernails, this is the blog for you. All polish is swatched on short fingernails which can give you a better sense of how different colors and finishes will look on your own nails.
  • Steph’s Closet Photo Gallery: She swatches polish colors you can find at most drugstores (which I LOVE). She also has short nails, so again, a good representation for the shorties!
  • Lastly, though not really a blog, Community Nail Polish Gallery is a huge gallery of reader-contributed photos of nail polish swatches. Search by color, brand, finish, and polish name. There are also galleries of nail art and layering experiments. If you wonder what’s available from Essie or need to find the perfect purple for your bridesmaid gown, this is the spot!

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