Tuesday, July 20, 2010

nails today: private viewing

I haven’t used Wet n’ Wild nail polish since junior high when we’d have slumber parties and paint each others’ nails bright metallic blue while munching Cheetos and watching Duran Duran videos. Of course, going to Catholic school, I’d have to remove the lovely blue polish before Monday morning since anything other than clear was forbidden. It’s a shame too since that color would have coordinated well with my royal blue uniform cardigan.

Back to the 21st century… Amazingly, this $1.99 wonder goes on exceptionally well. This is one of their fancier formulas, so it costs $1 more than their base line. While I’m not opposed to paying $8+ for quality polish, I love a bargain (have I mentioned I love a bargain?) and was so pleasantly surprised by this one. The Megalast formula is supposed to last a long time. I, however, like to change polish frequently, so will probably never get to truly test this.

The color gives me what I’ve seen referred to as “mannequin hands” meaning it’s in the same family as my skin tone and blends right in with my skin. Obviously, this will depend on your own skin tone to see if it provides the same effect. I’d call it a medium neutral beige with a hint of pink. It’s a creme formula (no shimmer, glitter, or metallic tones).

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