Saturday, July 24, 2010

stuff I want, but can't bring myself to buy

Desire is an odd thing. Sometimes wanting something is almost better than how you feel when you actually get what you want. Does this mean I have a shopping addiction or am I merely your typical consumer? Eh, who cares. I’m not up for a deep psychological exploration of my purchasing habits this early on a Saturday.

Coastal Scents 88 Metal Mania Palette

88 Metal Mania Palette

88 Metal Mania Palette

I have the other three 88 palettes from Coastal Scents and the Metal Mania palette is their latest. I love the neutral colors and I hear that the finish is really nice – not glittery, not a shimmer, but a true metallic finish. That said, I have yet to bring myself to order. Do I need MORE eyeshadow? If I add together the three palettes I already have, I own 264 shades. And, I am approaching “that age” where I am supposed to stick with matte eyeshadow… Ah hell, you can never have too many eyeshadow colors, right? And who cares what “they” say.

Bargain Tip: This palette (and the other 88s) are not actually manufactured by Coastal Scents. I have, in fact, purchased all three of mine brand new on eBay. Granted, they are shipped from China and the shipping time can be lengthy, but I saved about $10 each. Just do a search on “88 palette” if you want to check them out.

Glowing Vieques Ring with Gold

Glowing Vieques Ring with Gold

Glowing Vieques Ring with Gold

Well, it looks like this beauty sold (which is why I couldn’t say exactly what the price was). I am not surprised. At least I can stare at the photo, right? If you want to check out EsotericaBazaar‘s other Etsy items, you can view her shop here.

Edit: Ah… she has another for sale! Or perhaps someone bought the first and changed their mind?

Leopard-Print Handkerchief-Hem Halter Dress

Leopard-Print Handkerchief-Hem Halter Dress

This dress is so me… yet so not me. I suppose my hesitation was that I’ve not had great luck with halter tops in the past, but the style of this one is different. I’ve also had some sizing issues with Newport News. I’ve followed their size charts in the past and typically, I find they are way too large.

Note: I decided to bite the bullet and buy this. Of course, by the time I decided to purchase, my size was out of stock.

Essie Vermillionaire & Essie Haute As Hello

$8 ea.

Essie Vermillionaire via Temptalia

Essie Vermillionaire (pic. via Temptalia)

Essie Haute As Hello

Essie Haute As Hello (pic. via Temptalia)

UPDATE: I bought Vermillionaire (bargain price on eBay, thank you very much) and it's almost identical to a shade I already own. C'est la vie.

Those who know me know that I have a serious thing for anything coral, salmon, melon, or orange in color (I shall refer to these shades as “corsameor” from now on). It’s the color I always gravitate to when I shop for clothing, am making jewelry, or shopping for nail polish. Unfortunately, in the polish realm, a really good non-neon corsameor is really hard to find, so unless it’s cheap, I am reluctant to buy. While these Essie shades are lovely, at $8 per bottle, I have yet to overcome my fear of the dreaded surprise neon nail.

Note: These photos are from Temptalia’s blog. I LOVE her reviews and her eye makeup looks!

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