Wednesday, July 28, 2010

for shame, tar-zhay

So, I didn’t really anticipate that this blog would be political in nature, but sometimes you have to talk about more than nail polish and good food. Target has donated $150,000 to a PAC, Minnesota Forward, who runs TV ads on behalf of Tom Emmer, a Republican who is vocally anti-gay and running for Governor.


I love Target, but I love my gay friends, my gay family, and human rights more.

What can you do to send a message to Target?

  • Join the rapidly growing group on Facebook.
  • Stop shopping at Target and then email, mail or call Target’s corporate offices and let them know that until they take some sort of corrective action, you will not patronize their stores (contact info on the Facebook page link above).
  • If you are a fan or “like” Target on Facebook, comment on a thread showing your disgust for their actions, then unlike the page.

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