Tuesday, July 20, 2010

putting my crap out there

In thinking about blogging I’d always shied away from it wondering A) what I’d write about and B) if anyone would care about what I was writing about. I mean, how embarrassing to put your stuff out there for public consumption and not be interesting enough for people to want to check in, right? While I’ve done the whole SME writing thing before and drawn an audience, this is the first time I’ve wanted something to be just about me and crap I care about. And, well… that’s a little more scary.

I know some of you will find some of the crap I care about tedious, pedestrian, shallow, and mind-numbingly bland. Others might actually be offended. But, frankly, I am 39 years old. I suppose at this point, I need to own who I am and that includes the crap I care about. I’ve never been one of those “Take me or leave me” kinds of people, so hopefully, this will be therapeutic.

So, this first post is inspired by and dedicated to my lovely co-worker Layla (who has her own fabulous blog). She may very well be the only person actually reading this, but that’s OK. It was after reading her blog that I started thinking about blogging and mentioned it to her. She urged me on with the following inspirational words – “You should blog…I would read your crap.”

So, Layla, you asked for it. Here is my crap.

Crap this blog will most likely discuss:

  • Me
  • The boy
  • Our cattins
  • Girl stuff including, but not limited to, nail polish, fashion, makeup, hair and jewelry (I swear I am not 13)
  • Bargains – for me, it’s not about the money you save, it’s about the find.
  • Goals, accomplishments, wishes as well as random thoughts and observations
  • Food. Anything goes including recipes, photos of food, and weight discussion.
  • Stuff I take photos of
  • Ways I can find more balance in my life

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